If you're going through a love crisis and you need some time alone you're welcome to stay one night in The Broken Heart Hotel. The room provides all you need when you're having a hard heart time. During a night you can sleep things over in a single bed, you are away from habitual smells, furniture and other stuff that remind you of ... that person(s). Time for new perspectives and/or a way to fully indulge in your own heart ache. Enjoy!

The Broken Heart Hotel is an art installation by Elien Ronse with Oshin Albrecht, Roger Fändrich, Chiara Lammens, Geert Belpaeme, Marijke Deroover, Manoeuvre, Hadassa Ngamba and Does Vandousselaere. It's open from 24th July 2020 on.

Viewable and sleepable in THIS PLAY, a new project space in Baudelostraat 17 in Ghent. If you're in a crisis and want to stay for a night, send an email to

Traces left by guests, photo's by Oshin Albrecht and Elien Ronse

'Roger F. & Friends Play All the Love Songs They Know', performance on 19 September 2020 from 4pm to 8pm with Roger Fändrich, Anouck Turnock, Marijke Deroover, Joan Somers Donnelly, Zachary Schoenhut, Francesca Hawker, Miriam Matthys, Ine Van Horen

Brokenhearted dinner (photos by Oshin Albrecht)