I am Elien Ronse (she/her), a visual artist engaging in trajectories where different fields merge such as contemporary art, community work, political activism, theoretical research,… I mainly use video, installation and presentation to create work. In my work I’m always starting from the local, from an in-situ situation. What happens there, often the banal or obvious, becomes a starting point and leads to concrete actions. A returning aspect within these actions is adapting or mimicking an existing phenomenon, slightly changing something can bring a whole new perspective.

As the work arises from my direct surroundings, mostly other people are involved in the making processes. Sometimes friends and family, other times unknown others who then can become close. Within this I try to acknowledge our interdependency while struggling with internalised individualism coming forth of the society I am part of. So mostly I work in togetherness; people can become co-creators, public, participants, co-thinkers,...sometimes all at the same time, while I aim to acknowledge everyones authorship and say goodbye to the “artist-genius” concept.

An essential aspect in my work is the focus on relational mechanisms in ‘our’ late-capitalist society. I’m interested in how we relate to each other; the habits, complexities, banalities and love within (less-normative) relations. Often we can find macro-political mechanisms at work within micro-situations, e.g. sexism, classism, racism,... But there is also resistance towards these mechanisms through everyday behaviour, e.g. support of friends, verbal responses in public space, sharing experiences, creation of safer spaces,... With my practice I aim to disclose or create destigmatisation within relations and by this (subtly) tackle power structures emerging from neoliberalism, heteronormativity, eurocentrism and overconsumption. Often, I create objects, actions, events, performances or video’s which are signifiers of social care and try to deconstruct stereotypes.

With a lot of thanks and love to the many supportive people surrounding me.




Advanced Master of Research in Art and Design, Sint Lucas, Antwerp, Belgium (2020-2021)

Master of Arts (Cum Laude), Dutch Art Institute, Roaming academy, Artez institute of the arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands (2017-2019)

Summer academy AFFECT, ‘Exploring the endotic’, Agoracollective, Berlin, Germany, June 1 - 28 (2015)

Bachelor Teaching, LUCA School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium (2012-2014)

Master Visual arts, LUCA School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium (2005-2007 and 2010-2012)

Bachelor Social-Cultural work, Artevelde, Ghent, Belgium (2007-2010)


KAOS & workspacebrussels, developing the work 'Gaan we pingpongen?', Belgium, October-December (2022)

YARAT, Baku, Azerbaijan (postponed)
Kunsthal Gent, developing the work ‘Oh i love you elien’, Belgium, August-April (2021-2022)
workspacebrussels, developing the work ‘A and E’, Belgium, September-February (2021-2022)
Manoeuvre with several projects: G.R.A.S., Kunst en Zwalm, Bring Your Own Beamer, Aaargh, Take Back the Night, KOLEKSIKON, Hoe ga je

    me missen, Copy-Center in Nieuw-Gent, Manoeuvre’s (in)visibilities,... Belgium (2019-2021)
Dream Art Institute, in collaboration with Ciprian Burete, WALTER bookstore, Arnhem, The Netherlands, April - June (2019)
De Koer, developing the work ‘What is a tourist doing at home?’, Gent, Belgium, 2017 November 1 - 2018 October 31 (2017-2018)

Zarya - Center for Contemporary art, research about locally made objects, Vladivostok, Russia, April 28 - May 28 (2018)
Digital Art Studios, developing video ‘Design for Everyone’, Belfast, Northern-Ireland, October 10 - December 2 (2016)
Pair, Pier 2 artcenter, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, July 20 - October 20 (2015)
Das Weisse Haus, Vienna, Austria, March 1 - May 1 (2015)
D’CLINIC studios, TRACTOR, Lendava, Slovenia, March 30 - April 28 (2014)
Frans Masereelcentrum, Kasterlee, Belgium, July 2 – July 27 (2012)

Exhibitions and projects (selection)

Verzamelen Zocalo!, for Leefbuurt Muizen, with Stijn Van Dorpe for Para-Instituut voor KUNST en precariteit, supported by Vlaamse Bouwmeester, Stad             Mechelen and LUCA school of Arts, Muizen, Belgium (2023-2024)

Dorpsdramaturgie, with Kunstenplatform Plan B and Netwerk Aalst, Aalst, Belgium (2023-2024)

Open studio's workspacebrussels, with performance 'In fact, we are a team!? Yeah, yeah' and videowork 'Het staminee in Sint-Alexius in 28 hoofdstukken: Gaan we pingpongen?', Belgium (21-23 April 2023)

'Beste klas 6hz1', making a videowork with a group of future hairdressers, supported by Kunstenaars in de klas and workspacebrussels, Brussels, Belgium (2023)

'Lotto', a project with Common Income in Rue du Croissant, Brussels, Belgium (2023)

'PLOT', an open-air opera on Tondelier construction site, with Para-Instituut voor KUNST en precariteit, Gent, Belgium (18 september 2022)

'In fact, we are a team!? Yeah, yeah', a video-performance about friendships, workspacebrussels and Kunsthal Gent, Belgium (2022)

'I'll be right with you', a video about waiting for Garden of Delights, Kunsthal Gent, Belgium (2022)

‘En van lengte?', with Kunstenplatform Plan B in Stokveldewijk met Uitwijken, Bruges, Belgium (2021)

‘We zeiden ook dat zal wel een bevlieging zijn’, for Para-Instituut voor KUNST en precariteit, with Stijn Van Dorpe and others, in Kunst&Zwalm, Belgium (2021)

‘diksmuide, diksmuide, diksmuide, diksmuide, diksmuide’, video-work, Onverbloemd, Bloemmolens, Diksmuide, Belgium (2021)

‘Holding Space is a Work of Art’, with collective Garden of Delights, online performance and video, BLANCO, Gent, Belgium (2021)

'Mossy Wet Old', with Francesca Hawker and Lea Rüegg, for A Voice Message Project, Brussels, Belgium (2021)

‘Cultureel Centrum Truck Stop’, with Does Vandousselaere and others, relational work and installations on highway-parking, Gentbrugge, Belgium (2020-2021)

'Onderweg Camping Oxygene', with Manoeuvre and Does Vandousselaere, Konnektor Residency, Gouvernement, Ghent, Belgium (2020)

'The Broken Heart Hotel', installation and hotel, THIS PLAY, Ghent, Belgium (2020)

'Nacht van de MELODI lamp', performative action, walk walk walk #2 by Croxhapox, Ghent, Belgium (19 October 2019)

'Have you spotted a MELODI lamp? Send a photo and streetname to +32496890681', BLANCO Hoogpoort, Ghent, Belgium (2019)

'Taart in de brievenbus', installation 'What do you think about swapping lives for one day?' and performance 'A and E', Ghent, Belgium (2019)

‘Holding hands from afar', with Lea Rüegg and Hannah O' Flynn, Bebe books, DOK, Ghent, Belgium (2019)
Untitled (Orificially Yours)’, ninth act of "The Immemorial Body: Betraying Carmelo Bene in 9 Acts," a study group led by Sara Giannini, Geo Wyeth and Arnisa Zeqo in collaboration with If I Can't Dance at the DAI Roaming Academy, University of Cagliari, Cagliari, Italy (2019)
‘Leave a message after the’, with Lea Rüegg and Hannah O' Flynn, Pleasure Zone, Basel, Switzerland (2019)
‘A and E’, for 'Aeroponic acts', performative presentation, Silent Green, Berlin, Germany (2019)
‘All you need is the lavatory’, Croxhapox, Ghent, Belgium (2018)
‘Coup de Koer’, De Koer, Ghent, Belgium (2018)
‘исчезать’, Zarya - Center for Contemporary art, Vladivostok, Russia (solo, 2018)
‘How it comes to matter’, Hotwheels, Athens, Greece (2018)
‘Tot in de stad’, De Koer, Ghent, Belgium (2018)
‘There is no place like home’, space Idiot, Turin, Italy (2017)
‘From home to marble’, BLANCO, Ghent, Belgium (solo, 2017)
‘A Sudden and Wonderful Brightening’, Duncairn Centre, Belfast, Northern-Ireland (2017)
‘Exhibition 2016 : B-Cone, Elien Ronse, Gaain Bahc and HASC’, gallery Barimart, Gwangju, South-Korea (2016)

‘CTRL+T’, gallery metamatic:taf, Athens, Greece (solo, 2015-2016)
‘A walk elsewhere’, Pier 2 Artcenter, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2015)
‘Between 20:49 and 11:17’, performance for exhibition ‘Homecomings’, Projective space, Berlin, Germany (2015)

‘Cooking the ABC’, performance with Pepe Dayaw, Exploring the endotic, Agora collective, Berlin, Germany (2015)

‘Interlaced Structures’, related to Destination Wien, gallery Das Weisse Haus, Vienna, Austria (2015)
‘Vibrations Off’, curated by Honore d’O, gallery Kristof Declercq, Ghent, Belgium (2014)
‘Memory’, with Brooke Sanderson, D’CLINICstudios, Lendava, Slovenia (duo, 2014)
‘De Canvascollectie’, Nomination price for Young artists, Bozar, Brussels, Belgium (2012)
‘Elien Ronse’, Intramuros, CC Gildhof, Tielt, Belgium (solo, 2011)

Interviews and publications

'STADSATELIER - 10 jaar artistieke praktijken in en met de stad', publication by Viernulvier (2023)

'Doing friendship', a KAOS Talk with Elien Ronse, Mirra Markhaëva and Ignace Wouters, museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent, Belgium (2022)

'Tekeningen van kinderen met naam', collection of children-drawings from artists, Liesbeth Feys & Pleasure Island (2022)

'Openbare werken, On Public(s)', publication by Voo?uit (2022)

'It astonishes me when I hear you say love', article about mimicking as a way of loving, in TYPP, a journal for artistic research of Sint Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp (2022)

'Buitenshuis zine', a letter to Dina (a participant in Para-Instituut voor KUNST en precariteit), publication about democratizing culture (2022)

'Garden of Delights', publication with collective about (in)visible work (2022)

'Leave a message after the..', by marc norbert hörler (2019)

'In the studio with Elien Ronse', by Dorothy Hunter, for International Sculpture Center re:sculpt (2017)

'‘Report 07032015-17052016 audio’ for BLATT 3000, a paper for exchange and critical discussion on contemporary music (June 2016)

'Further into banality', by Maria Martens, for Artdependence (2016)

Leben ist kein stilleben', by Frederik Van Laere (2011)