‘We zeiden ook dat zal wel een bevlieging zijn’
Public conversation, reception, installation and (upcoming) video for para-instituut voor KUNST en precariteit, in the context of Kunst&- Zwalm, 2021

Starting from questions around our personal precarious relation with our parents, Stijn Van Dorpe and me developed a work in which we visualised the relation between parent(s) and artist. We visited about 10 parents/caretakers from artists part of Kunst & Zwalm all over Belgium for a conversation about worries, thoughts, changes, difficulties, insecurities,... within the relation parent-artist. It brings to the surface several aspects around ‘being an artist’ which normally stay hidden. From these meetings a visual report was made in a field where we camped with pKp during the festival Kunst & Zwalm, on Sunday 6 September 2021 all parents were invited for a reception and a public conversation.

All photo's by Tomas Uyttendaele