'Camping Zocalo'

Long-term trajectory with actions, events, happenings,... in the village Muizen, 2022-2023

Together with Stijn Van Dorpe, for collective Para-instituut voor KUNST en precariteit 

Within a research by Vlaamse Bouwmeester, coordinated by TAAK, with Stad Mechelen en Kunstencel Vlaamse Gemeenschap

We develop a trajectory in and with villagers of Muizen (nearby the city of Mechelen in Belgium). We look at mechanisms of democracy within the village, how living together is organised and ways in which inhabitants can have their say. The traject aims to create shared spaces where differences (in many ways) are welcomed.

In April 2023 we started with a 24 hours camping on the square next to 'het dorpshuis', which is called Zocalo because it is a heightened space that can be used as a pedestal. During those 24 hours we had a full program made with inhabitants about Muizen and the square Zocalo. Connecting the history and future while being fully present on the square by spending time on it, 'feeling' it, instead of talking about it in a meeting-room.

To follow the project, you can find more details on the pKp-blog: Para-instituut voor KUNST en precariteit