‘Manoeuvre's (in)visibilities’
Video (24"), made in the context of

Advanced Master of Research in Art and Design, at Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp (Belgium), 2021

The video shows a mix of footage made in and by manoeuvre in 2020-2021. Some images are part of a finished work, others are more documentary or shot for personal reasons. The footage is interwoven with texts or spoken word, coming forth out of observations, thoughts, conversations, writings, hesitations,...

We can have a peek into the work of manoeuvre through the perspectives from Rony Codoychuran, Elien Ronse, Anand Lardot, Chris Rotsaert en Gulseren Van Dort Mustafova. They were the people holding the camera.

Practices and research by other adma-participants you can find here: