'Beste klas 6hz1'

Unpublished video, 17", 2023

Together with a class future Hairdressers in Brussels, with the support of Kunstenaars in de Klas and workspacebrussels

In spring of 2023 I was warmly welcomed by a class of future hairdressers on Monday mornings during their practicing classes. We held many conversations, someone coloured my hair, everyone in turns was holding a camera, students were interviewing each other, they were practicing brushings and balayages, we made drawings together,...

By June I created a video from all the footage, with lots of back and forth consent-making with the students. When the video was almost finished, the headteacher decided this film could not be shown for a wider public outside the school. I think many of us were dissappointed so I decided to re-enact the video with friends, which is now in process (autumn 2023).

With many thanks to all the participating students and teacher.

Screenshots from original video