Exhibition 'How it comes to matter', Hot wheels gallery, Athens, Greece

In the framework of COOP Academy Practicing Articulation, Articulating Practice from Dutch Art Institute

'Hometour!!', video, 25', 2017

'Elien Ronse, 155, Prospekt 100-Stoletiya Vladivostoka, Vladivostok', video, 3', 2018

'Housecleaning', video, 3', 2018

'Tutorial thing', video, 5', 2018

'As usual', video, 1', 2014

In the videos Elien Ronse takes up the role of herself. After being told by a friend ‘just be yourself’, she started to consider what that means. Exploring the boundaries of oneself through owned objects, with a camera as a witness in her everyday surroundings she attempts to reveal herself while dealing with different possessions and domestic surroundings. The work appropriates tactics and formats from YouTube videos whilst toying with notions of authenticity. Being fully aware of the attention of the camera she starts to behave and talk differently than she would normally. Or is it the other way around? The series of videos seek to articulate how the self - herself - is performed? 

'Tutorial thing', video, 5', 2018