Exhibition CTRL+T, Metamatic:taf, Athens, Greece

Between December 22 and January 10 Elien Ronse was sleeping every night in another home in Athens. During the day she was dealing with and processing the pictures, video’s and texts she collected during the night. This process you could follow in the exhibition CTRL+T, curated by METASITU. Her archive and the exhibition were slowly but continually growing every day with a final show on January 8 - 10.

Bedcovers in Athens, acrylic on wall

Apparently, father didn’t even notice the change, for he continued to flick his cigarette-ashes into a lily - in other words, precisely where the ashtray used to be. Mother and I used to steal a glance at each other and nod our heads with a smile.

(From: Iconostatsis of anonymous saints by Yiannis Ritsos)