Report from refugee camp Idomeni, Greece

February 2016


A child cries because he wants to carry a backpack.

A fifteen year old girl and a seventeen year old boy have a baby.

A long row to get 1 bottle of water, 2 sandwiches and an orange.

A police woman says the law is changing every day.

About five mothers ask me for milk.

Afghan people are sitting in front of the police.

Around midnight there are still buses arriving full of children.

Drowning women can only be saved by women.

Drying clothes are hanging over the fence.

From Syria literally everyone is fleeing: very young to very old.

He shows photo’s from his house before and after.

He survived 3 attacks from Taliban.

His toes are black and the doctor says there are no medicines for this.

How many times a day do they need to line up?

I can’t warm my feet.

I feel like a tourist.

I never wanna feel this mixture of emotions again.

Many young people wear Nikes.

My backpack for 3 days is bigger than theirs.

One by one people go through the gate.

One woman has freckles and a white skin, we smile at each other.

Our tents are blown away.

Six times Macedonian police sent him back here.

Small pieces soap are spread out.

Smugglers separate families and threaten them if they refuse to split.

Suddenly the camp is full after it was empty for some days.

The big tents are heated.

The boats between Turkey and Lesbos mostly don’t have a captain.

The Kurdish girls all wear a red fleece and have white skin.

The police is never smiling.

The sleeping bag is plastic.

They already have contact with smugglers to go on illegally, no other option.

They can beat me, they can put me in prison, I don’t care.

They clean their clothes and shoes everyday.

They search a place to heat the milk.

They throw garbage on the ground.

This morning he got the news he cannot cross the border anymore.

Trains pass by our head in the morning.

Unbelievable how people start smiling when someone’s singing.

When I gave the oranges I realised how hungry they are.

When it starts raining everyone needs to search for a roof.

When the camp is full, people are sleeping under the trains.

While he tells all this he’s smiling beautiful.